kinomi-kinomama kimonos

Have you ever wished to wear the Japanese traditional costume kimonos?

Kimonos are really gorgeous, but you may be surprised to hear how difficult to put them on. Actually, most of Japanese people can not put kimonos on by thmselves.  And now I would like you to know about 'kinomi-kinomama kimonos'

'kinomi-kinomama kimonos' are the new style of kimonos which are remade from normal kimonos by 'kinomi-kinomama' factory. Of course its appearance is the quite the same with normal kinomos. And anybody can put 'kinomi-kinomama kimonos' on very easily, just like the dress. It usually takes about twenty minutes to put normal kimonos on, but you can put 'kinomi-kinomama kimonos' on just by yourself in a few minute! Also the point annoyed most in wearing normal kimonos is that people feel very too tight. With 'kinomi-kinomama kimonos',you can escape from that suffering.


In case you already have any kimonos. (In the Tokyo area)

please contact us to make an appointment for measurement.
Please bring your kimonos with you to our office or we may be able to visit your place. Let's measure with us!
If your place is far away from our office, we can tell you how to measure by phone or email. Please send your kimonos with measurement value.
We can remake your kimonos with perfect size of yours in our factory.
Completely hand-sewed and ready to wear.
Takes about TWO WEEKS to ONE MONTH.we can ship it to you.
(shipping expense is not included.)

If you don't have a pair of kimono, you can buy one on this website.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


YUKATA & OBI(Tie) 17,500 JPY
KIMONO 20,000 - 60,000 JPY
OBI(Tie) 10,000 - 18,000 JPY

※The prices for Kimono and Obi are depend on the kind.

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